First International Scientific Conference

“Future Technologies in the Petroleum Industry Regions”


Surgut State University is excited to invite you to the First International Scientific Conference “Future Technologies in the Petroleum Industry Regions”, which will be held as a part of the First International Scientific Forum “The Capital of Oil”. The Conference will be held in Surgut, Russian Federation, on February 8-9, 2018.

Key Dates:

Registration Deadline: January 20, 2018.

Report/Paper Deadline (for publishing): February 20, 2018.


As an integral event in the cultural and scientific development of Yugra Region, the Conference is supported by Surgut State University, Department of Education and Youth Policy of KHMAO-Yugra, and Young Scientists’ Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In order to reach the set goals of the Conference, the participants – mainly young scientists and specialists from the Russian Federation as well as from abroad – will be brought together to discuss the current problems and trends in the scientific fields such as petroleum engineering, construction, information, biology and medicine. The Conferencewillpromote international cooperation and provide networking opportunitiesfor young scientists, helping them more effectively actualize their scientific potential.

The Conference is mainly aimed at the following tasks:

The following sections will be featured in the Conference:

Technological solutions in petroleum industry

In this section the following questions will be discussed: technologies for discovery and development of natural resources deposits, extraction and transportation of these resources; technologies for effective biofuel-to-energy conversion; technological solutions for petroleum industry; natural gas processing.

Industrial development: from ideas to technologies

The main questions for this section are road construction technologies (including the regions with permafrost conditions); construction technologies for extreme climate regions; district energy technologies for improvement the quality of life of the indigenous peoples of the North; technologies for various types of transport; agricultural technologies; environmental monitoring and prevention technologies; renewable energy technologies; processing technologies for quartz sand, clay, peat; water supply/treatment technologies; modern waste sorting and processing technologies.

Biomedical and life technologies

Highlights of this section are medical and veterinary biotechnologies, including those viable for the Arctic zone and the Far North; prevention technologies for socially significant diseases, healthcare for the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation and the world; nano-, bio-, IT-, cognitive technologies; tourism technologies.

Participation requirements: