Paper requirements

Paper requirements

Requirements for the articles format

The articles to be submitted for publication must be sent to the following e-mail address before 20 February 2018.

All submissions shall be reviewed and get checked for plagiarism. It is necessary to provide an expert opinion on all articles regarding the possibility of open publication of the materials (for outside authors must be obtained from the author's organization). The text of the opinion must contain the following words: "the article may be published in public sources" ( (DP-4.5-15 "Export Control").

Submission of the articles published earlier or submitted for publication in other journals is inadmissible. The articles inconsistent with the requirements shall not be reviewed or returned.

The authors shall be responsible for the originality, objectivity and validity of the published materials.

The size of the article: up to 10,000 characters including abstract, key words, literature, and illustrations.

The text of the articles shall be printed in Word, A4 format, font - TimesNewRoman 12 for the main text and TimesNewRoman 11 for figure captions and Tables and their titles; single line spacing, paragraph indention 1.25 cm, all margins - 2 cm, text alignment justified. Automatic hyphenation or paragraph spacing are not allowed. The pages should not be numbered. All abbreviations must be defined.

The use of figures, diagrams, schemes, etc. must be justified, they must be clear, text wrap is not permitted. Titles and numbers must be placed underneath with single line spacing. The figures and diagrams made in Word must be grouped within one object to avoid the elements shifting in case of change of the page borders.

It is recommended to use vertical arrangement of tables without filling. Please avoid using tables in picture format. The number and the title of a table must be placed above the table.

The text must contain references to all tables, diagrams and figures stating their numbers.

Article structure (in Russian).

1.      UDC identifier (left edge) (normal font).

2.      Full family name, first name, patronymic (initials) of the author in the Russian language with spaces (bold italics, center).

3.      Title of the article in the Russian language (capital letters, bold font, center).

4.      The author's place of work, the city in the Russian language, email (italics, center, font size 11).

5.      The abstract of the article in the Russian language (up to 5 lines) (normal font).

6.      Key words (2-6 words) in the Russian language (italics).

7.      The text of the article.

8.      References

9.      Full family name, first name, patronymic (initials) of the author in the English language with spaces (bold italics, center).

10. Title of the article in the English language (capital letters, bold font, center).

11. The author's place of work, the city in the English language, email (italics, center, font size 11).

12. The abstract of the article in the English language (up to 5 lines) (normal font).

13. Key words (2-6 words) in the English language (italics).

The article format sample


Иванова А. И.

Технологии опережающего управления

социально-экономическим развитием северных территорий

Сургутский государственный университет, г. Сургут, email:


Ключевые слова:

Основной текст

The references to the literature in the text of the article shall be placed in square brackets stating the source number in the references list: [2]. In case the reference is made to a particular fragment of the text of the document the reference must contain the source number and the number of the page containing the referenced content divided by a comma: [10, p. 81]. In case the reference contains information about several endnotes, such groups of endnotes shall be divided by a semicolon: [1; 3; 14].

Ivanova A. I.


Surgut State University, Surgut, email:




The sources must be listed alphabetically.

The sources in the foreign languages must be listed in the end of the list.

The text must contain references to all sources listed in the references list.

The list of references must be made in accordance with the endnote requirements of GOST Р 7.0.5–2008.

Endnotes formatting samples:


1. Бердяев Н. А. Смысл истории. M. : Мысль, 1990. 175 c.

Articles from collected papers

2. Демчук А. В. Инклюзивное пространство в условиях развития образования в современном обществе // Инновационная наука: прошлое, настоящее, будущее : сб. ст. междунар. науч.-практич. конф. (1 апреля 2016 г., г. Уфа). В 5 ч. Уфа : АЭТЕРНА, 2016. Ч. 4. С. 75-77.

Articles from journals

3. Ефимова Т. Н., Кусакин А. В. Охрана и рациональное использование болот в Республике Марий Эл // Проблемы региональной экологии. 2007. № 1. С. 80–86.

Articles from newspapers

4. О рынке ценных бумаг : федер. закон Рос. Федерации от 22 апр. 1996 г. № 39-ФЗ : принят Гос. Думой Федер. Собр. Рос. Федерации 20 марта 1996 г. : одобр. Советом Федерации Федер. Собр. Рос. Федерации 11 апр. 1996 г. // Рос. газ. 1996. 25 апр.

Internet sources

5. Дирина А. И. Право военнослужащих Российской Федерации на свободу ассоциаций // Военное право : сетевой журн. (электр. журн.). 2007. URL: (дата обращения: 19.09.2007).

References to publication with more than three authors

6. Логинов С. И., Басова О. Н., Ефимова Ю. С., Гришина Л. И. Физическая активность человека как фактор адаптации к условиям Югорского Севера // Физиологические механизмы адаптации человека : материалы всерос. науч.-практ. конф. 26 октября 2010 г. Тюмень: Лаконика, 2010. С. 34-36.

The names of all authors of such documents must be listed in the same order in which they were listed in the original text.