Regulation on the fuel-and-power sector innovative projects exhibition to be held as part of the first
International Youth Research and Practical Forum "Oil Capital"

1. General

The fuel-and-power sector innovative projects exhibition (hereinafter the Exhibition) will be held as part of the first International Youth Research and Practical Forum "Oil Capital" (hereafter the Forum) from 8 to 10 February, 2018 in Surgut.

2. The goals and objectives of the Exhibition.

2.1 The goal of the Exhibition is the development of the innovative environment, fostering the youth initiative in modernization of the fuel-and-power sector facilities.

2.2 The objectives of the Exhibition:   

2.2.1. Implementation of modern technologies in production practices by means of advanced developments demonstration to the fuel-and-power sector (hereinafter the FPS) companies representatives.

2.2.2. Promotion of competitive products within the industry.

2.2.3. Pooling resources and capabilities of the state, commercial, and research institutions in advancement of the innovative practices.

2.2.4. Creation of a communicative environment connecting specialists involved in the innovative activities and providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experience.

3. Topics of the Exhibition

3.1 Ideas, developments, and technologies in the fuel-and-power sector:

3.1.1. Technologies and equipment with new or improved characteristics.

3.1.2. Innovative environmentally friendly technologies.

3.1.3. Energy saving technologies and equipment.

3.1.4. Technologies and equipment for oil recovery enhancement.

3.1.5. Technologies and equipment for safe collection and disposal of oil and gas production facilities waste.

3.2 Innovation support and advancement infrastructure:

3.2.1. Technoparks.

3.2.2. Technological platforms.

3.2.3. Innovative territorial production clusters.

3.2.4. Patent regulation and legal companies.

3.2.5. Technologies transfer centers.

3.3 Invention and technical creativity:

3.3.1. Innovative companies.

3.3.2. Individual inventors.

4. Participants of the Exhibition

4.1. Legal entities - both Russian and foreign FPS companies, research institutes including educational institutions.

4.2. Individuals - the authors of the innovative FPS projects.

5. Exhibition organizers

5.1. The Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, JSC The Okrug exhibition centre ‘Ugra Contracts', the Congress and Exhibition center "Ugra-Expo".

5.2. Rights and obligations of the Exhibition organizers:

5.2.1. The organizers of the Exhibition shall have the right to decline a participant's application without any explanations, or request changes in the structure of the stand or a presentation where necessary;

5.2.2. The organizers shall provide administrative assistance to the participants of the Exhibition upon payment of the registration fee by the participant;

5.2.3. The organizers shall publish all the necessary information about the Exhibition including the schedules and the Exhibition floor plans on their web site https://oilcapital.admhmao.ru/

6. Terms and conditions for participation

6.1. The participants shall submit to the Organizing Committee of the Forum their applications in accordance with the standard form (see Annex).

6.2. The participants of the Exhibition:

6.2.1. shall bear all expenses in relation to the delivery, the setting up and the subsequent taking down of their exhibition stands' equipment.

6.2.2. They shall be entitled to participation in the contest of innovative projects to be organized as part of the agenda of the Forum.