Content formation

Content formation

Documents submission guide

         The contest participants shall submit together with the application and the project the project presentation in electronic form to the following email address: the size of the presentation should not exceed 5 MB.

The documents not larger than 15 pages including figures and tables must be submitted for the contest in the Russian language in MS WORD - doc, PDF, or power point and comply with the following parameters: page size A4; font - Тimes New Roman 12-14; line spacing 1-1.5.

Name of investment project, the name(s), initials and the place of work of the author(s).

The tables should be numbered, each table must have a title placed above the the title itself. The figures must be submitted in tiff or jpg formats.

 The contest materials must meet the following requirements:
 1) match one of the groups listed in the regulation;  
2) must be an original product/development of the contest participant;
 3) must contain the description of the relevant innovative technologies in a given area, follow the development and modernization trends in the relevant industry;
 4) must contain a business plan.

The papers submitted for the contest shall not be reviewed.

Applications may be sent to the following email address or submitted via the contest web site