on the Innovation Projects Contest

of the first International Youth Research and Practical Forum "Oil Capital"

1. General

1.1. This Regulation defines the terms and conditions for the innovation projects contest (hereinafter - the Contest).

1.2. The objective of the Contest is the identification of the best innovative technologies, materials, and products for the use in the oil and gas production industry, public services, and social sphere with a significant social and economic effect, as well as the identification of the most interesting project business plans for the development of various sectors of the economy.

1.3. Main task of the Contest is the selection of the innovation projects with a high commercialization potential taking into account the specific natural and climatic conditions of the region and meeting the strict ecological requirements.

1.4 General information about the Contest, the terms and conditions for participation, project requirements, and the application template for projects submission are available on the web site of the first International Youth Research and Practical Forum "Oil Capital" (hereinafter the Forum)

2. Participants of the contest

2.1 The following categories of the participants shall be eligible for submitting their contest applications:

2.1.1. Small size innovative companies - the developers and the manufacturers of innovative products.   

2.1.2. The companies - residents of the technoparks, the innovation-technological centers, and other organizations of the innovation infrastructure.   

2.1.3. Small size innovative companies incorporated by the higher educational institutions.   

2.1.4. The teams of the universities, organizations and companies presenting their innovative developments.   

2.1.5. Other investment projects developers.  


3. The scope of the contest

3.1 The projects eligible for the contest must belong to one of the following groups:

3.1.1. Oil technologies (the technologies for the exploration, development of the fields with useful hard-to-recover reserves, their production and transportation; the technological solutions for the oil and gas industry, utilization of the natural and the associated petroleum gas.

2.1.3. Industry technologies and process safety:

- construction technologies; technological solutions for various types of transport; technologies for processing of quartz sand, clay, peat and other local construction materials; and the agribusiness technologies;

- new technologies for sorting and utilization of household and industrial waste; environmental monitoring and forecasting, as well as environmental pollution prevention and recovery technologies; prevention and recovery of oil spill technologies; new technologies for sorting and utilization of household and industrial waste.  

3.1.3. Biomedical and life technologies (medical biotechnologies; technologies for the reduction of loss from the socially significant diseases; nano-, bio-, information, and cognitive technologies).

4. The Contest procedure  

4.1. The Contest procedure shall consist of a two-stage project selection process.

4.2. Applications shall be accepted during the first stage.

The deadline for submission of the applications is 20 January 2018.

4.2.1. The applications for the participation in the Contest shall be filled in accordance with the template (see Annex 1). The project presentation must meet the established requirements (see Annex 3).

4.2.2. The projects participating in the Contest shall be reviewed and assessed by the Contest Commission consisting of: the representatives of the executive government authorities, research organizations, and innovative business organizations in the relevant industries.

The Contest Commission composition shall be approved by the Organizing Committee of the Forum.

4.2.3. All projects submitted to the Contest shall be sent to the Contest Commission for review and assessment. The Contest Commission shall complete the selection of the projects for further discussion and review by 1 February 2018.

4.2.4. The projects shall be scored in accordance with the established criteria.

4.2.5. Main criteria for the projects selection include the following: "commercial potential", "technical viability", "novelty", "practical significance", "testing, practical implementation", "environmental effect". The projects shall be scored on a five-point scale for each of the criteria.

4.2.6. On the basis of the resulting scores the projects shall be ranked; and the top 20 projects positively reviewed by the experts shall be selected for a further more detailed review.

4.3. The second stage of the Contest shall be an oral presentation of the business projects to the Contest Commission on 8-9 February 2018 as part of the agenda of the Forum.

4.1.3. The Contest Commission shall score the innovative projects by means of filling in the voting cards (see Annex 2) containing the Contest criteria as set forth in 4.3.5 herein.

4.2.3. The winner in each nomination shall be the project with the highest score on all criteria.

4.3.3. The decision of the Contest Commission shall be presented in the form of a protocol stating the voting results, the names of the winners and the scores achieved. The Contest Commission shall name three award winning projects in each group.

4.3.4. The award winning projects shall receive a financial support in the following amounts:

for the 1st place - RUR150,000,

for the 2nd place - RUR100,000,

for the 3d place - RUR50,000.