Welcoming Notes

Welcoming Notes


horvai.jpgDear organizers, participants, and guests of the 1st International Youth Forum Of Applied Research «Oil Capital»!

On behalf of the World Bank and on my own behalf I would like to welcome you and wish you interesting and fruitful discussions, innovative ideas, and applied research solutions that will encourage development of Russia’s petroleum industry and fuel and energy sector.

The innovative knowledge-based development of the economy and its industries is a priority for Russia, and there is no doubt that the Youth Forum of Applied Science is an excellent site for experience and knowledge exchange between young specialists from different countries of the world, for discussion of new unconventional approaches and development of courageous and efficient solutions.

Further development of petroleum industry in Russia and the world must rely on the accumulated global knowledge and experience as well as on state of the art achievements in the sphere of information and communication technologies, mechanical engineering, and be implemented on the basis of energy efficient and environmentally friendly business models.

For 14 years the World Bank has been actively cooperating with Russian partners and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra on the issues of associated petroleum gas flaring reduction both within the framework of the Global Partnership and on the basis of close bilateral interaction. In 2012-2014 the World Bank prepared recommendations for the KHMAO-Ugra Government on improving the operations towards efficient associated petroleum gas utilization in the region, proposals for development of a gas processing cluster within the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, as well as developed a feasibility study for the gas processing cluster and a program for its development. As a result of the work performed, the KHMAO-Ugra became Russia’s first petroleum-producing region that meets the Federal Government’s requirement to bring APG utilization level to 95 per cent. The World Bank and the KHMAO-Ugra are prepared to further develop and deepen cooperation in this most important area of petroleum industry development.

I am also glad that the Forum venue is the Surgut State University linked with the World Bank by many years’ partnership. I am sure that the Forum will give a new impetus to further development of the University’s research and development activities and the University's campus.

I hope that the participants of the 1st International Youth Forum Of Applied Research «Oil Capital» will be able to propose and discuss new, most promising business models, partnership formats and approaches for efficient and innovative development of Russia’s petroleum industry. As a reliable partner and source of advanced global knowledge, the World Bank is ready to work together with Russian scientists and specialists and encourage implementation of courageous and innovative ideas.

Once again I wish successful and fruitful work to all the participants of the Forum.

Andras Horvai

The World Bank’s Country Director and Resident Representative

for the Russian Federation, Europe and Central Asia



Богданов В.Л..jpgDear friends!

I am pleased to welcome all the participants of the first Oil Capital International Youth Scientific and Practical Forum.

Today, scientific and technological development of the country is included in the sphere of the key interests of the state. In my view, the time of arrangement of this large scale event in Surgut which is the largest industrial and business center in Western Siberia is appropriate.

Constructive dialog between scientists and industry players becomes especially relevant when the fuel and energy complex urgently needs to actively develop hard-to-recover reserves and intensify production at the mature fields.

The format of the forum meets the requirement of the industry for consolidation of efforts and arrangement of close collaboration between the sector of research and real economy sector. The idea behind the meeting and communication of young authors of innovation projects and representatives of fuel and energy complex companies is to give impulse to establishing contacts and to minimize the way from generation of a promising idea to its implementation. I hope the forum will become a platform for fruitful professional discussion, sharing experience and establishing cooperation to introduce ideas contributing to more efficient use of domestic mineral resources.

I congratulate you on the opening of the forum and Russian Science Day,
I wish you professional self-realization and confident headway in your explorations and discoveries.

Director General

OJSC “Surgutneftegas”



Говзич.jpgOn behalf of Salym Petroleum and on my own behalf I am glad to welcome organizers, participants, and guests of the 1st International Youth Forum Of Applied Research «Oil Capital».

The Oil Capital Forum is an excellent site for science and technology exchange between young specialists and leading experts in the domain of fuel and energy sector, presentations of best corporate practices, discussion of modern trends in the petroleum industry development, and generation of new innovative ideas.

There is no doubt that such a tandem of experience and new vision will encourage development of applied research in the FES, elaboration of new approaches, algorithms for promotion of young specialists’ promising ideas, transition from scientific thinking to practical appraisal, involvement of active talented young people in science.

It is the young generation of the FES specialists which is to confront future challenges and solve the industry’s prime objectives. The evolution of petroleum industry requires application of digital technologies, first and foremost digital field arrangements, application of robotics, technologies for development of unconventionals, “green” technologies, search for alternative energy sources, new business models, partnership forms, differentiated opportunities, as well as restructuring in the petroleum sector in terms of personnel, recruitment of talented specialists, which will cumulatively become the key factors for further successful development of the industry. This is the sphere of activity for the new generation.

Since the start of its activities in the region, Salym Petroleym has been actively applying modern technologies, being a leader in the domain of automation of the processes related to operation of digital fields ensuring production process optimization, efficient well operations by means of automation, improved visualization, data analysis, and sustainable resource usage. The company is always ready to share the experience accumulated, and describe how the digital technologies applied improve performance indicators. Implementation of digital technologies must become an indicator of the innovations encouraging improvement of productivity and efficiency in the industry.

I am sure that the 1st International Youth Forum Of Applied Research «Oil Capital» and the open discussions that will take place within its framework will be able to set the vector for further development of petroleum industry, the region, international cooperation between Russian and international specialists, and will encourage a comprehensive and efficient approach to building a roadmap for implementation of digital technologies in petroleum industry and other innovations.

I wish the Forum successful and fruitful work!

Alexey Govzich


Salym Petroleum Development N.V.