About the Congress

Dear guests and participants of the Third International Youth Applied Research Forum “Oil Capital!”

Within the framework of the Forum, you may take part in the Second F.K. Salmanov International Academic Oil Congress. The Congress is one of the key platforms of the Forum aimed at combining the efforts of the international academic community, oil and gas majors and governments to ensure technological leadership of the fuel/energy sector.

The Congress Goal: to present the effects of collaboration of universities, business and governments to achieve the internationals educational standards in the interests of the fuel/energy sector.

Heads and representatives of RAS, universities, scientific organizations, oil and gas companies; HR managers and HR professionals of the branch businesses, heads of the main chairs of the oil and gas sector businesses; recruiters of school and university graduates; researchers; postgraduates, and university and high school students are welcome to take part in the Congress events.

The Second F.K. Salmanov International Academic Congress is dedicated to the development of ways to achieve the goals of the “Science” and “Education” national priority projects.

The “Education” Panel will give the participants of the discussion “From Human Potential to Human Capital” an opportunity to share their experience in the personnel training for the needs of the oil and gas sector. They will also take part in the discussion of ways and horizons to consolidate the efforts of universities, colleges and oil companies in implementing the federal projects:

·        Digital education environment;

·        Success of every child;

·        Young professionals;

·        New opportunities for everyone;

·        Education export;

·        Ecological education;

·        Ecological safety.

The “Science” Panel proposes a discussion with the representatives of the scientific community, governments and oil and gas businesses to development a joint vision to achieve the synergy of universities and oil and gas businesses in the interests of international standards of science and education centers. The work will be broken down into the following sections:

·        Science/production cooperation;

·        Cutting edge research infrastructure;

·        Development of the scientific HR potential;

·        Environmental problems of natural resources management


Congress languages: Russian and English

Upon request of the participant, he/she may publish scientific materials in one of the reviews on the list, recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission, “University News. Oil and Gas,” “The Scientific Outlook.” The participants may also receive a refresher course certificate.

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