Terms of the Innovation Project Competition of the 3rd International Youth Applied Research Forum “Oil Capital”

1. General

1.1. The current Terms define the rules and conditions of the Innovation Project Competition (the Competition).

1.2. The objective of the competition is to select the best innovative technologies, materials and items for the oil and gas industry, utilities, and social sphere to obtain significant social and economic results and to find the most interesting business plans, important for the economic development.

1.3. The main goal of the competition is to select innovation projects with a high potential of commercialization, factoring in demanding and specific regional natural and climatic conditions.

1.4. General information about the competition, terms of participation, project requirements and the application form is posted on the website of the 3rd International Youth Applied Research Forum “Oil Capital” (further referred to as the “Oil Capital”).

2. Competition Participants

2.1. The following participants are eligible for the competition:

2.1.1. Small size innovation companies – developers and manufacturers of innovative products.

2.1.2. Companies, techno park tenants, innovative technology centers and other enterprises of the innovation infrastructure.

2.1.3. Small innovative companies within universities.

2.1.4. Teams from universities, organizations and enterprises involved in innovative solutions.

2.1.5. Other investment project developers.

3. Competition Nominations

3.1. The Competition is held in three nominations:

3.1.1. Oil and Gas Technologies (geological exploration, mineral reserve development, mineral production and transportation, technological solutions for the oil and gas industry, and natural and associated gas processing).

3.1.2. Industrial Technologies and Safe Production Technologies:

- construction technologies, various transport technologies; silica sand, clay, peat and other local material processing; agribusiness technologies;

- new technologies of separation and processing of industrial waste and garbage; environmental monitoring and forecasting technologies; technologies to prevent and remediate environmental footprint, and technologies to prevent and remediate oil and oil product spills.

3.1.3. Ecology. Green Technologies (environmental monitoring, energy saving production, modern technologies ensuring minimal negative impact, efficient production control and government oversight system).

4. Competition Rules

4.1. The competition is to be held in two selection stages.

4.2. The first stage includes collection of application forms.

The deadline is 10 February 2020.

4.2.1. The application form should be filled out in keeping with Attachment 1. The project format should comply with the requirements outlined in Attachment 3.

4.2.2. All submitted projects should comply with the following criteria: "commercial potential,” “technical feasibility,” “novelty,” “practical value,” “approbation and implementation into production” and “ecological safety.”

4.3. The second stage of the competition will be held on 18-19 February 2020, within the framework of the Forum in the format of a business project presentation before the competition committee.

4.3.1. To assess the submitted projects, a competition commission will be created consisting of the representatives of the executive branch of the government, scientific organizations and innovation businesses of the relevant sector.

Members of the Competition Commission are approved by the Forum Organizing Committee.

4.3.2. The Competition Commission evaluates the innovation projects by filling out the voting sheets (Attachment 2), containing criteria established in paragraph 4.2.2 of the current terms.

4.3.3. Evaluation of the projects is performed on a scorecard principle in keeping with the established criteria.

4.3.4. The winner in each nomination is determined by the maximum points, scored in all criteria.

4.3.5. The decision of the Competition Commission is entered in a protocol, where the voting results, the names of the winners and the points they scored are reflected.

4.3.6. The winners will receive financial support at the amount of:

For the 1st place – 150,000 rubles,

For the 2nd place – 100,000 rubles,

For the 3rd place – 50.000 rubles.

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