Municipal budget institution "Palace of Arts"

The Palace of Arts is one of the most popular culture institutions in Nizhnevartovsk. After the reconstruction, it has become one of the largest social and cultural institutions in the Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, one of the prestigious entertainment centers for both adults and children, providing high-quality services, interesting concert and entertainment programs on a professional basis.

The facility annually hosts about 450 events visited by over 200 thousand citizen. It offers comfortable conditions both for the spectators and the performers.

The auditorium with a balcony and two boxes is equipped with ergonomic chairs and can comfortably accommodate about a thousand spectators.

The Palace of Arts has different halls, which allows a simultaneous organization of several events for three thousand participants.

The "Under a glass roof" hall is a multifunctional space for holding conferences, seminars, round table discussions, competitions, dance parties, etc.

The "Parquet hall" is intended for hosting prestigious tournaments and open championships in sport dance.

The "Exhibition hall" offers specialized equipment for organization of paintings, graphics, decorative and applied arts exhibitions .

The "Conference Hall" provides space for negotiations, conferences, jury meetings, official receptions (located in office number 220).

The Palace is home for 35 creative groups, 8 of which have the honorary titles the "People's" and the "Exemplary". Many former members of the Palace's children's creative groups chose creative careers and work today in various institutions of culture in Nizhnevartovsk and other cities of Russia.

The "Palace of arts" is the organizer of the main large-scale events in the cultural life of the Autonomous Okrug, including the city festival of arts, labor and sports the "Samotlor nights", the "City Day", the "Oilman's Day", the "Seeing off Winter", the "Victory Day" and others.

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